Welcome to the Anna Goldthorpe Music Studio Website, and thanks so much for your interest in piano, guitar or voice lessons!  You can check out my about me section and my Studio Policy to learn more about what I offer in my studio.  My studio is unique to most others in this area for several reasons, here are just a few:

  • I teach not only piano but also guitar and voice and I teach students how to use an instrument to accent their singing voice. 
  • My students learn to be independent musicians which not only boosts self confidence in their music ability but in other areas of their lives as well. 
  • I'm currently the only teacher in our area that offers private one on one lessons for children ages 3-4.
  • I use the Wunderkeys and Piano Pronto methods to help guide all my students in their piano journey.  I use the Full Voice Series to guide all my vocal students and I use various methods to guide my guitarists including Yousician.  
  • My lessons are full of game based learning which allow students to learn their instrument without always touching it.   
  • Technology is a big part of lessons and at home practice.  This allows students to use various tools to help them learn and perform at a professional level.  
  • I invite students to perform with me at various gigs around town, they get the opportunity to perform at a professional level and make their own tips! 
  • I provide practice incentives throughout the course of the year to motivate and encourage students to practice more at home. 
  • I provide affordable lesson options including my new Buddy Lessons system.  Read more about this below.  I also provide family discounts
  • I provide unique performance opportunities for those students that desire it.  I also provide a studio party at the end of each semester as a thank you to all my students for all their hard work. 

Private Lesson options include 30, 45 and 60 minute options.  I reserve the 30 minute spots for my younger Beginners and those in Level 1 and 2 of their instrument.  Once a student reaches Level 2 there is much more work required at this level of learning and I recommend they move to 45 or 60 minute lessons from that point on.  We would discuss this when the time arrives.  

Private Lesson Prices:

30 minute Lesson (for Beginners up to Level 2) = $20

45 minute Lesson (for Level 2 and up) = $25

60 minute Lesson (for Level 2 an up) = $35

Buddy Lessons are very similar to private lessons but with the added fun factor of having another student to play games and duets with.  Buddy Lessons also give your student more time with me without having to pay the extra fee.  These are great options for siblings.  

60 minute Buddy Lessons (for all ages) = $25 per student per lesson       

45 minute Buddy Lessons (for all ages) = $20 per student per lesson                                                      

40 minute Buddy Lessons (for preschoolers) = $15 per student per lesson.  

Group Lesson options are for voice students only at this time.  I provide a group vocal class for ages 6-9 and one for ages 10-13.  These are great options for those students wanting to explore singing and are provided once per semester.  They are great for families who have limited time and can't commit to private lessons for the whole year.  These run 4-6 weeks in length and are only 60 minute classes each week.  Cost is $10 per student per class with a max of 6 students in each group.  My group classes offer an introduction to young singers using sight singing, rhythm, Kodaly sign language, ear training and singing on pitch.  For my older students, group class offers intermediate singing exercises, sight singing, ear training and learning harmony.  We do lots of group building, games, rhythm exploration and harmonizing in group class and your students will walk away having made lots of new friends.  These are scheduled on a per semester basis.  Watch the site for new classes!  


All private lesson students are required to purchase their own books.  Books range in price from $10-18.  I provide most other materials.  Occasionally you will be asked to purchase solo music packs for holidays and special events.  These are generally $3-8 depending on how many pieces are in each pack.  I will always let you know when it's time for your student to move on to the next book in their series. 

I look forward to working with you or your child.  I know they will enjoy their time with me in lessons as I strive to make it as fun as possible.  Lets take this musical journey together!  


"Anna is a good teacher because she is nice!"-Tanner (Age 5)

"I like how she is always patient and understanding with me."-Carol Lin (Age 13)

"My children have been taking piano lessons from Anna for a few years and it has been nice to hear them develop the skill of playing the piano." -Jill (Mom)

I was recently featured in the Wunderkeys Success Story article which you can access here!  


Pre School Piano Classes now available!  (ages 3-5)

I am now providing Pre School piano lessons for children ages 3-5 using the wonderful Wunderkeys curriculum.  This method engages your child in music lessons that not only teach the joy of music but teaches them counting, Alphabet learning, memorization, fine motor skills development, and on and off bench activities that keep your child active the whole lesson.  These are offered as private one on one lessons.  There are 3 different levels to work through which will take them through 3 semesters in total.  Cost for Pre School 30 minutes lessons is $15 per lesson.  I also offer 30 minute Buddy Lessons where they are paired up with one other student at their level which costs only $10 per 30 minute lesson.  Space is limited!  Sign up Today!

Pre K -Kindergarten Piano Classes now available!  (ages 5-6)

I am so excited to announce that my studio is now offering Pre K-Kindergarten Piano classes to children ages 5-6 years old.  I use the Wunderkeys Primer method that takes them on a fun piano journey that combines beginning piano skills with a foundation in math, keyboard awareness, rhythm, sight reading and lots of game based learning.  Your child will be engaging in on and off bench activities that keep them learning music the whole lesson.  Cost for Pre K Primer Lessons is $20 per 30 minute lesson.  I also offer  Buddy Lesson's for those who require a more "affordable" option.  Buddy Lessons cost $15 per 30 minute lesson. Buddy Lessons provide the added fun factor in lessons as they get to play duets, games and rhythm exercises with another student their age and level.  This can be a real confidence booster for young beginners.  Sign up today! Space is limited!